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  • Property Management Consultants in Prime Central London
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  • A property management company located in Central London
  • A london buying agent sourcing properties in London for both homeowners and buy to let investors

London Central Portfolio is more than just a buying agent. We help clients acquire, renovate, design, let or manage their property in Prime Central London. Whatever your ask, we are here to help.

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London Property Consultants

Unlike Any Other London Buying Agent

Our service is unique. Everything we do is underpinned by a sophisticated financial model, and our breadth of service is distinctive to the market.

Sophisticated financial model

We send you a detailed appraisal of every property we put forward including growth potential and investment returns.

Everything under one roof

We offer a range of services in-house including search and acquisition, refurbishment and design and for investors, letting and property management.

Outlook of a family office

What sets us apart is that we are not purely transactional and act throughout the whole lifecycle of your property ownership.

What We Do

As a London buying agent, we offer a range of services including search and acquisitions, design and refurbishment and, for Buy-to-Let investors, letting and management. All in-house.

Let Us take care of it all

One-Stop Service

For over 30 years, our one-stop service has been helping buyers’ source, refurbish, manage and for investors, let properties in Central London.

Expertise in one place

We also offer refurbishment and design services with our luxury interior designers and letting and property management.

Not purely transactional

We represent you throughout your entire property ownership from purchase and refurbishment to letting and divestment.

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Who We Are

Meet Our Team

We are a boutique-sized London buying agent. For over 30 years, LCP have been helping UK and international clients find their buy-to-let investment or home in Prime Central London. With over 150 years of combined experience in London real estate, our property consultants know the market inside out.