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Property Search and Acquisitions London

LCP always represents you, the buyer, at every stage of the transaction to achieve the best possible results. Our experienced Property Search and Acquisition team apply a unique blend of art and science to find the best opportunities. Masters of the art of spotting the best on and off market properties in prime London, we then apply the science, drawing up a recommended shortlist to meet all your requirements as well as focusing on location, growth potential and financial merit. LCP negotiates the best purchase price and manages the entire buying process to completion on your behalf. Since 2000, LCP’s clients have seen the value of their investments exceed average market growth by over 20.4% on divestment.

*Gross capital return before transaction costs and SDLT.

Investment Services

Established in 1990, LCP is a property investment company specialising in maximising investor returns in prime London.

Stock is scarce in prime London, with only around 3,500 properties changing hands a year, making it challenging to secure the best opportunities, be it individual apartments, freehold blocks or mixed-use buildings. LCP's reputation ensures we hear about them first.

LCP focuses on the ‘mainstream’ rental market in prime London which comprises 60% of the market. This consists of small apartments that appeal most to international tenants. This sector demonstrates an attractive combination of long-term capital growth and rental returns, traditionally showing low volatility and little correlation to the performance of equities.

LCP typically look for heritage properties typical of prime London. These are unique, highly demanded and offer added value potential through renovation and reconfiguration. This contrasts with other parts of London where there is an oversupply of expensive new units for purchase and rental.

Despite a constantly changing global environment, London residential property is still viewed long-term as a safe haven asset class. London continues to benefit from the rule of law, top-class education, a diverse and liberal culture, an international business language and the GMT time zone.

*Land Registry Price Paid Data/ LCPAca Residential Index.

2011 census

Source: HM Land Registry HPI - Jan 1995 to Aug 2020

LCP in-house analysis

Modelling Your Returns

LCP provides an in-depth financial analysis of every recommended property at viewing stage, a unique offering in the property market. Each element of the process from acquisition, fees and refurbishment to projected rents and running costs is considered. Our buyers know exactly what their commitments are and estimated returns on investment before making their purchase.

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Home Buying Service

Searching for your perfect home can be a painstaking process. As your buying agent, LCP takes pride in spotting the best on or off market opportunities in prime London. The team takes the time to understand your exact requirements to find the best solution aligned to your lifestyle and financial objectives. At LCP we make it our business to know about everything on the market and pre-screen all potential opportunities. We then compile a short list of properties that fit your criteria, saving you time and ensuring you make the best decision, making for a hassle-free experience. Unlike other buying agents, LCP’s in-house projects team can undertake your interior design and manage your property refurbishment to meet your individual taste and aspirations.

If you would like your property managed on your behalf, either day-to-day or for prolonged periods of time, our dedicated property management team is on hand.