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If I feel I know the market well, do I need to use a London buying agent?

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Buyers frequently pose this question and to put it simply, yes, you do need a London buying agent. Whether it’s a buy to let investment or home, property is more often than not one of your most valuable assets. Having a professional represent you during the search and acquisition process significantly improves not just the journey but importantly the outcome.

Firstly, what is a London buying agent? A common misconception for buyers is that an estate agent looks out for your best interests. Estate agents, however, act for the seller, not the buyer, and are in the business of only selling what’s on their ‘books’,  which will not always be right for you. A London buying agent represents you, the buyer, matching your exact needs and requirements to the right property, accessing the entire London market, not just what you have been able to find through your own endeavours. The seller has an agent acting on their behalf, so why would the buyer not choose to benefit from a similar level of expert representation?

A London buying agent can save you time and money. A buying agent will pre-screen all potential opportunities, both on and off the market, on your behalf. A shortlist of properties is then created meeting your exact criteria, saving you time and ensuring you make the best decision. Buying agents are also professional price negotiators ensuring that you acquire your property at the most competitive price. If you lack the time or desire to register with multiple estate agents, spending your evenings and weekends viewing properties and want to be sure you are making the right choice at the right price, a London buying agent is for you.

If you live overseas for part or most of the year, a buying agent can act as your trusted set of eyes and ears on the ground scanning the market on your behalf.

Buyers with professional representatives are often viewed in a more favourable light by sellers and their estate agents. They offer certainty to sellers. Buying agents ensure the buyer has received all necessary legal and financial advice and is perfectly positioned to proceed efficiently and effectively to a successful exchange and completion. We have acted on countless occasions for buyers in a competitive bidding scenario, where the seller has chosen our buyer on strength of the covenant they offer and our reputation in the marketplace, out trumping the highest offer.

In the current complex market, buyers with a buying agent have been at a great advantage. Pricing across the prime London market is not equal. Each neighbourhood has individual nuances and subtleties and even within these there is a lack of uniformity dependent on property type and price range. Within this, expert knowledge becomes even more critical.

Many properties in PCL sell off-market as a means to avoid the potential of becoming overexposed through online advertising. This is a challenge for buyers as they can easily miss out on off-market opportunities unless working with a buying agent. Often with luxury property, buyers pay a premium. Your buying agent will always ensure you purchase a property that will be capable of commanding a premium when you come to sell.

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