Our Property Investment Funds

LCP is the only company to have launched successive residential funds targeting the rental sector in Prime Central London; a safe haven asset class governed by the rule of law, with low volatility and little correlation to equities. Its global desirability combined with scarcity of stock has underpinned long term price growth, averaging 8.0% p.a.* Past performance is not a guide to the future.

Each fund develops a diversified portfolio, specifically appealing to the international tenant. They offer private and institutional investors a professionally managed means of accessing this asset class with tax advantages. LCP has also launched the UK’s first residential Sharia-compliant offerings.

*(Source: HM Land Registry HPI - Jan 1995 to Aug 2020). Past performance is not a guide to the future. Recently, transaction volumes have fallen to historically low levels leading to them being liable to distortion. The cumulative effect of numerous tax changes and political headwinds around Brexit have resulted in a period of sustained price falls, further exacerbated by the recent pandemic Any investment carries investment risks. You may lose some or all of you investment. Please note that it may be difficult to sell shares in the Funds advised by LCPCI at a reasonable price, or at any price, from time to time. Investors may have to wait until the property assets have been sold to realise their investment. Please refer to the original Investment Memorandum for further details of the investment risks.

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