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For every property we recommend, LCP provides an in-depth financial analysis to enable you to rigorously assess your investment. We consider all stages of the investment from acquisition and professional fees, to refurbishment, furnishing and running costs. We provide estimates of the rent we expect to achieve to project gross and net returns.

Capital growth in London Central has averaged over 9% p.a. over the last 15 years, even taking into account the short downturn during the credit crunch.  This represents a doubling of value every 8 years.

Gross annual rental returns are in the region of 4.0%, taking rent vs. capital expenditure (purchase price and renovation costs)

Growing international demand and the shortage of stock (there are only about 100 transactions a week) continues to underpin price growth.

As most investors gear up to maximise tax efficiency, returns on equity invested can be even further enhanced.

See LCP’s investment calculators below for more information:
calculate your investment returns What is my property worth now?
calculate your investment returns Investment Calculator

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